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Video card MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GAMING X 11Gb for mining.



Video card MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GAMING X 11Gb for mining.


Core / memory frequency.

Overclocking / base frequency / memory Frequency:

1683 MHz / 1569 MHz / 11124 MHz (OC Mode).

1657 MHz / 1544 MHz / 11016 MHz (Gaming Mode).

1582 MHz / 1480 MHz / 11016 MHz (Silent Mode).


  1. Aggressive gaming lighting.

Adjust the led light to fully match your system and mood.

  1. Double row bearings.

Double-row bearings provide the fans with MSI 2.0 TORX long life, ensuring a hassle-free gaming for a long time. Working under load, the fans are virtually silent. This allows the graphics card to stay cool even during the hardest gaming sessions.

TORX FAN 2.0: the ultimate silent fan.

Dispersion blades: Curved blades accelerate air flow at high angles.

Traditional blades: Ensure a stable air flow is directed to a massive heatsink.

Double row bearings: Reliability for many years guarantees the best gaming experience.

  1. Zero frozr-stay unnoticed.


First introduced in 2008, MSI ZeroFrozr technology has not gone unnoticed, while now, it has already become an industry standard. The essence of the technology is to control the fans that stop completely in the absence of load. So you can fully focus on the game without being distracted by the fan noise.

Smooth Heat Pipes technology: Square heat tube profile at the point of contact with copper base plate, promotes better heat transfer.

Zero Frozr: Zero Frozr technology stops the fan completely in simple and low-load situations, thus ensuring complete absence of noise.

Technology Airflow Control: Special vents deflect the air flow in the direction of the heat pipes, reducing the temperature and contributing to better gaming.

  1. Under the protective casing of the cooling system of the GAMING graphics card is a masterpiece of engineering art, created specifically to keep the video card cold. Every detail of the complex cooling radiator plays an essential role in the task of creating a cool and quiet graphics card.
  2. Technology of airflow control.

Using improved aerodynamics, Airflow Control technology directs more airflow to heat pipes, the TWIN FROZR VI. Special deflectors on the cooling radiator increase the surface area of the scattering, which helps to reduce the temperature of the graphics card.

  1. Backplate.

A powerful graphics card requires a powerful Foundation. MSI GAMING X graphics cards are equipped with a powerful backplate metal plate, which adds rigidity to the graphics card. Black, matte finish brings the design of the cooling system TWIN FROZR VI to perfection.

  1. One click vr technology in msi gaming app.

In order to experience all the benefits of VR technology, you must have a high-performance computer. MSI Gaming App with just one click mobilizes all the features of your computer, increasing its performance, and does not allow other applications to use the resources of the PC.

Gaming App.

Instant performance boost: Add performance or turn on silent mode in one click.

LED backlight control: Full control of RGB LED backlight GAMING.

Features and Specifications:

Model name - GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GAMING X 11G.

The name of the kernel - GP102-350.

The number of cores - 3584 Units.

11GB GDDR5X memory.

Graphics processor - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti.

Bus standard - PCI Express x16 3.0.

Memory interface-352-bit.

Form factor – ATX.

Core frequency (MHZ):

1683 MHz / 1569 MHz (OC Mode).

1657 MHz / 1544 MHz (Gaming Mode).

1582 MHz / 1480 MHz (Silent Mode).

Memory frequency (MHZ):

11124 MHz (OC Mode).

11016 MHz (Gaming / Silent ).

Connecting the display 4.

G-sync technology-Yes.

Multi-gpu - SLI, 2-Way technology.

Supports HDCP 2.2.

The power consumption is 250W.

Outputs-DisplayPort x 2 (Version 1.4) / HDMI x 2 (Version 2.0) / DL-DVI-D.

The recommended power supply is 600W.

Virtual reality is ready – is.

8-pin power connector. * 2.

Support DirectX version-12.

OpenGL 4.5.

Support HDCP – is.

Dimensions - 290 x 140 x 51 mm.


Weight-1257 g / 1986 g.

Package Including:

Video card MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GAMING X 11Gb.

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