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Featured Products

Innosilicon  A5 DashMaster 30.2GH/S 750watt X11 Dash miner  

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Product Description


Once again, Innosilicon A5 DashMaster ASIC raises the bar significantly and bring another cryptocurrency miner to the next level. With 30.2GH/s at 750w for X11 mining, the Innosilicon has introduced the BEST X11 ASIC miner to the world.
Miner Specifics
Brand    Innosilicon A5 
Algorithm    X11 algorithm
Hash Rate    

30.2 GH/s ± 8%

38.0 GH/s ± 8% (in 1250w overclock mode)
Power Consumption    750w (normal mode)
Chip    A5 DashMiner ASIC
Miner Status    Brand New
Customs Declaration    Description: computer case; Value: USD90
Power Supply    NO PSU,  a PSU > 800w
PSU Recommend    LITEON 1000w Mining PSU
 Warranty    See details in  “Warranty & Buyer  Protection” tab.

INNOSILICON, the world’s leading supplier of advanced mining ASIC, proudly presents its next generation X11 miner, A5 DashMaster, at 30.2GH performance in 750W low power mode (factory default) and can reach up to 38GH in overclocked mode. It is so advanced, so far ahead in the field that it possesses >3.2x mining efficiency and up to 2.6x Hash rate advantage over its closest competitor, which means overall >3x better, significantly longer life time, huge competitive advantage especially when hash rate increases rapidly, lower operating cost, and higher ROI in all conditions. Smart buyers know that the safest buy is to buy miners that last to make a profit instead of becoming obsolete. A5 DashMaster is the ultimate X11 miner to own and to resell for the years to come.
Hash Rate:    30.2GH/s(+/-8%, in 750w normal mode)
38 GH/s(+/-8%, in 1250w overclock mode)
Power Consumption:    750W ( normal mode, at the wall, with 93% efficiency PSU, 25°C temperature )
Chip Type:    A5 DashMaster ASIC
Dimensions:    Single tube, 400mm(L) x 135mm(W) x 158mm(H)
Weight:    4.8KG
Operating Temperature:    0°C—85°C (device junction temperature)
Network Connection:    Ethernet

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